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  1. Karyne Jacobs
    July 10, 2014 @ 2:47 pm

    Eric Meister –
    My Dear Brother, I apologize if I have misspelled your name. However, ever I’ve been following, reading +, ultimately, downloading + incorporating all these fabulously productive apps into my life, I’m finding that I, unfortunately, am having LESS time to follow up on some minor issues. For instance, my long ago unanswered request for Friendship on I’ve attempted to PM you to no avail. Possibly your mailbox is full + not able to accept messages. Possibly you, simply, have TOO many Friends. Regardless, please respond + advise. Either way, I do find both this site as well as your posts, to be an invaluable asset to our little bit of ‘paradise’ on
    Karyne. Jacobs

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